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Pouich Quest is a mutli-player platformer VR game including cooperation between two people with handicap. It's a special gameplay, so to fully enjoy the game, you have to follow some rules.

This game is designed for two players with different roles : One (the mute) using the Oculus Rift sees the levels, and triggers instructions sounds for the other player (the blind).

This other player controls the character but doesn't see him.

This way, both players are forced to develop a dialog method, one guiding and one beeing guided through the six levels of the game.

The world is dangerous, and many traps are waiting for your small and cute.. POUICH !

Detailed Gameplay :

The mute player presses buttons on an XBOX Controller to trigger sounds heard by the blind one. He must act thoughtfully to make his partner go safe through the levels. The latter build a whole virtual world in which the mute player is immerged thanks to the Oculus technology. First row to attend the Pouich's Quest!

The blind player controls Pouich with another XBOX Controller. He can turn, and move forward and backward a chosen direction. But be carefull, as the blind doesn't see the levels, and Pouich can easily fall into malicious traps. (The floor is lava !)

You can also play alone if you want, despite the loose of the asymetric gameplay side of the game, it'll become a challenging third person VR platformer.

Game was built with Unity 5 and Oculus 0.8 Runtime.

Current build has only being tested on Windows.

Press "R" to reset the VR Camera. For best results, please proceed to this reset while placed at a small distance (~20cm) from the Oculus Camera Tracker.

If physics ejects you in any levels, press the "UP" key to respawn to the begining of the level.

May the Pouich be with you !


build-final.zip 44 MB

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